Online Course


In this online course, you'll learn step-by-step how to set your Nikon D7200 camera and flash to get accurate exposures, accurate color and great detail in each image. Your complicated DSLR will be transformed into a ‘set it once and forget it’ point and shoot tool.
Then during a demonstration, I make intraoral images and evaluate them on screen. You'll learn how to compose each image, where to focus and why, and how to easily tell if you're getting the image right in camera. You will be in control of the process not your camera. You will be able to make great dental images immediately after the course.
You can choose an option that gives you 30-days of online support. You can submit images for evaluation, ask questions, and get the help you need as you practice. You won't have to go it alone!
All with a 30-day money back guarantee! What are you waiting for?


Image Management

You'll learn how to safely move images from your camera to your computer. Then how using a master folder structure, standard file names and keywords makes image search and retrieval easy. Finally you'll learn backup options to keep your digital assets safe.

You'll know where your images are and be able to easily access them anytime!

The Optimal Camera Settings

You'll learn the optimal camera settings to use for intraoral dental photographs, why these settings are so important and how they provide consistent, predictable, results with each image. You'll learn about ISO, shutter speed, aperture, metering, focus and other important settings.

You will set your camera during the course enabling you to make great intra-oral images immediately!

How To Tame Your Flash

You'll learn how your flash system works and the flash settings you need to use to get predictable, consistent results with each image.

Your flash will behave as intended each and every time.

How To Check Exposure As You Shoot

Your digital SLR provides a great way to check your exposure as you shoot. It's a little graph your camera generates for each image called a histogram. You'll learn how easy it is to use a histogram to validate your exposure and ensure your camera is set properly.

You'll have confidence knowing that you're capturing images properly.

How To Get Accurate Color In Every Image, Every Time

You'll learn how to get accurate color in each image, every time, period. This will enable you to send shade matching images to your Lab that have accurate color reducing rework and enhance your bottom-line.

You can have accurate color in your images. I'll show you how.

Saving Your Settings

You will be guided step-by-step through the process of saving all of the settings in your camera. This will allow you to automatically recall them should you or a staff member inadvertently change one. You won't have figure out which one's wrong, what the correct setting is, or where to go in the menu system to reset it.

With one turn of a dial you'll have access to every intra-oral setting I recommend.

Automatic Image Transfer

You'll get an overview of how to send images directly from your DSLR camera to a designated computer in your office by tethered image capture. Then I touch on the capability to wirelessly transfer images from your DSLR to a designated computer or tablet.

Intra-Oral Photography Demonstration

You'll be guided step-by-step through the process of making intra-oral images during a demonstration. You'll learn how to compose images, where to focus and why, and how to evaluate histograms to ensure you're getting the exposure right. You see how easy it is to place images in the correct place on your computer's hard drive and rename them as they are imported. You'll learn how easy it is to make a beautiful slide show for impressive consultations and email photographs to your Lab or other doctors.


A defined, repeatable workflow is the key to getting consistent, predictable results. Everyone in your office should make intraoral images the same way, with the same settings, every time.

This course is perfect for dentists who want to learn how to make intraoral images themselves or provide training for their team. The course fee gives everyone in the practice access to the prerecorded video instruction.

Select the enrollment option that fits your learning requirements best.