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Dentists tell me that properly leveraging intraoral images with their patients can double treatment acceptance. Think about what that would mean for your business.


In this 2.5 hour online session you'll learn how to give compelling patient slide shows, email images to your lab or other doctors, export images to your patient management software, and more!


At the conclusion of the session, you will have a defined, repeatable, custom workflow that everyone in your office can follow. Your dental images will be organized and you'll be able to easily access and use them when needed.


Prerequisite: Nikon D7200 Course or Equivalent Experience


Leveraging intraoral images and dental portraits requires a combination of easy to use, properly configured imaging software and a defined workflow that supports everyone involved in the process. That is what this session provides.



Prior to your session, you'll need to collect some information and make a few decisions about your workflow. Specifically, you'll need to:

  • Decide which computer will be used as you image management platform

  • Decide on a standard folder structure for image organization

  • Decide on a standard way to name your image files as they are imported to your computer

Suggestions on how to organize and name your images are found in Module 1 of my Nikon D7200 Intraoral Photography Course.


Your session will be held online using the ZOOM Video Conferencing Service. You will be able to see and hear me, view my screen and presentation slides, and watch real-time demonstrations of my instruction. The training portion of the session will be recorded so you can watch it any time you need a refresher. I will be able to take control of your computer to set up and customize Adobe Lightroom® in accordance with the way you want to work with dental images in your practice.


I remotely setup Adobe Lightroom® based on a custom workflow we craft that is based on your requirements. The setup includes three categories; image import, management, and export.

Image Import: I create a Lightroom® import 'Preset' to automate the image import process from your camera's SD memory card to your computer's hard drive. Images will always be placed in the correct hard drive location, properly named with appropriate keywords attached to make leveraging images easy. No matter who imports images it will be done the same way, every time. If we have access to storage on a networked computer or server, your import preset will be configured to automatically make a backup copy of each image to protect against a hardware failure.

Image Management: Lightroom makes working with your images after import a breeze. You'll be able to:

  • Give compelling slideshows. Justify the treatment plan you recommend by showing patients images of their teeth.

  • Show a portfolio of 'after' images. Show patients the great work you can do in a slideshow. With a click, you can show similar work you've done for other patients.

  • Enhance images. I show you how to crop, straighten, and make other enhancements to your images.


Image Export: I create export 'Presets' so you can easily leverage images for different uses such as:

  • Sending images to your patient management software

  • Emailing images to other doctors or your lab

  • On social media, a website or blog

  • Creating PowerPoint presentations


At the end of the session, I provide training where I step through each part of the import, management, export process to ensure everyone is onboard, familiar and comfortable with the workflow. I answer all of your questions so you are ready to use the workflow the next day. Staff members who were unable to attend the session or need a refresher can watch the private recording at their convenience on my YouTube Channel and quickly get up to speed.


Session Fee+ License Adobe Lightroom® for $9.99/month

In this 2.5 hour online session you'll learn how to give compelling patient slide shows, email images to your lab or other doctors, export images to your patient manageme...
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